Comprehensive Guide to Capsule Polishing and Sorting Machine

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FilliTech, a leading brand in the pharmaceutical industry, offers top-tier capsule polishing and sorting machines. These machines play an integral role in the pharmaceutical production line, enhancing the aesthetics and purity of capsules.

Understanding Capsule Polishing Machine

A capsule polishing machine, a tool designed to clean and polish capsules, rotates them in a chamber. FilliTech’s machines use special brushes to remove residual dust or powder, ensuring each capsule is perfectly clean.

The Integrated Approach: FilliTech’s Capsule Polisher and Sorter

FilliTech has revolutionized capsule polishing and sorting by integrating these two essential processes into a single unit. This innovation not only conserves space but also boosts production efficiency. The machine first polishes the capsules, then sorts them based on size, shape, or weight.

Key Features of FilliTech’s Equipment

FilliTech’s capsule polishers and sorters excel in ease of operation, high efficiency, adjustable speed, capsule compatibility, and an incorporated dust collection system.

The FilliTech Advantage

Investing in FilliTech’s machines offers significant benefits, such as enhanced aesthetics, clean capsules, stringent quality control, and improved efficiency.

Understanding the Limitations

While these machines bring several advantages, they can also present some challenges. For instance, if the capsule quality is substandard or the machine is not well-maintained, it may lead to capsule breakage.

Capsule De-duster vs. Capsule Polishing Machine: The FilliTech Difference

Unlike the conventional capsule de-duster, which only removes excess powder, FilliTech’s capsule polisher also offers a polished finish.

Capsule Polishing and Capsule Sorting: FilliTech’s Standalone Machines

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While FilliTech takes pride in its integrated machines, the company also offers standalone capsule polishing and sorting machines. The selection between integrated or separate units largely depends on specific production needs and space constraints.

Deep Dive into Design: Components of FilliTech’s Capsule Polishing Machine

FilliTech’s capsule polishing machine consists of several critical components: an inlet for capsule feed, a polishing chamber, brushes for polishing, an outlet for polished capsules, and a dust collector to ensure a clean working environment.

The FilliTech Process Explained

In the FilliTech process, capsules are first loaded into the polishing chamber, where they are cleaned and polished. The polished capsules are then transported to the sorting section, where defective capsules are identified and removed. Finally, the sorted and polished capsules are ready for packaging.

Quality Assurance with FilliTech’s Machine

FilliTech’s capsule polishing and sorting machine ensures that the capsules are clean, shiny, and free from defects before reaching consumers. Consistent quality is paramount in the pharmaceutical industry, and FilliTech’s machines help guarantee it.

FilliTech Machine Specifications

FilliTech’s capsule polishing machines come with various specifications, including machine size, weight, power requirements, output speed, capsule compatibility, and dust collection capacity.

Most Common Capsule Defects Detected by FilliTech Machines

FilliTech machines can detect and remove common defects like cracked or chipped capsules, capsules with residual powder, and capsules with irregular weight that may indicate filling errors.

Role of FilliTech’s Machine in Quality Control

These machines play a vital role in quality control. By eliminating residual powder and adding a polished finish, they enhance the product’s visual appeal. Additionally, the integrated sorting function enables the detection and removal of defective capsules, further contributing to quality control.

Integrating FilliTech’s Machine with Capsule Fillers

FilliTech offers solutions for integrating the capsule polishing machine with capsule fillers. Once the capsules are filled, they can be automatically transferred into the capsule polishing machine, thereby streamlining the production process and minimizing the need for manual intervention.

Importance of FilliTech’s Inclined Design

FilliTech’s inclined design ensures the smooth flow of capsules through the machine. It utilizes gravity to transport the capsules from the inlet, through the polishing chamber, into the sorting section, and finally to the outlet.

Why Sequence Matters: Polishing Machine or Sorting Machine First?

In FilliTech’s integrated machine, polishing precedes sorting. This sequence ensures that the sorting sensors can effectively detect defects as they are not impeded by dust or powder residue, which improves the quality of the final product.

Upholding Standards with FilliTech’s Machine

All FilliTech machines adhere to various international and industry quality standards, including ISO, cGMP, and FDA guidelines. This commitment underscores FilliTech’s dedication to delivering high-quality, safe products.

Material Selection for FilliTech’s Machine

FilliTech uses stainless steel in the construction of its capsule polishing machines. Stainless steel provides strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion. It is also easy to clean and sterilize, thereby meeting the stringent hygiene standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

Capsule Insertion Process in FilliTech’s Machine

Capsules are inserted into the capsule polishing machine chamber via the inlet. From there, they are transported into the polishing chamber by a rotating mechanism or through gravitational pull.

Flexibility of FilliTech’s Machine with Different Capsule Sizes

FilliTech’s capsule polishers and sorters are designed to accommodate various capsule sizes. With a few simple adjustments, the machines can handle different capsule sizes, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

The Future of Pharmaceutical Industry: FilliTech’s Automatic Capsule Polishing Machine

Looking forward, FilliTech is continually improving its technology to meet the ever-evolving needs of the pharmaceutical industry. The company is focused on developing more efficient, automated, and user-friendly capsule polishing machines.


FilliTech’s capsule polishing and sorting machines provide an integrated solution for pharmaceutical manufacturers, contributing to increased efficiency and superior product quality. As the pharmaceutical industry continues to evolve, FilliTech remains committed to providing innovative, reliable, and high-quality machinery.

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