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Installation Country:USA

Filling material

Capsule powder filling,amoxil for testing.

Machine Model:

CFM-3500,max speed 3500capsule per min

Installation Country:Australia

Filling material

Capsule pellet filling,Compound Ferrous Sufate Granules for testing.

Machine Model:

CFM-2000,max speed 2000capsule per min

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Factory test before delivery

Powder filling machine,CFM3000model,max speed is 3000capsule per min

3200capsule per min working at customer site

Capsule filler line with all the auxiliary in Bangladesh: such as powder loading machine,capsule polisher,de-duster and metal detector

capsule filler with capsule polisher metal detector

A new capsule filling machine CFM3500 are ready to ship, our engineer is runing the machine and tesing.
Cusomer will not come this time, so they want to video inspection.

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