What is the capsule loading machine in a pharmaceutical factory

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It is used for loading the empty capsule into the capsule filling machine hopper automatically, it is a vital equipment for the capsule filling line.

What it the main parts of capsule loading machine

  1. capsule container,This is the storage unit where empty capsules are initially placed. It can load large number of capsules
  2. Transfer tube: it is use to transfer the empty capsule from the container to the capsule filling machine hopper,
  3. Compress air: it is source power to move the capsule
  4. Base support:it contain the motor and
  5. Wheel: it is easy to move the machine

The advantage of Fillitech’s Capsule Loading Machine

  1. It has two conveying processes to avoid locking or separation of empty capsules due to impact and air pumping in the conveying process.
  2. lt has the characteristics of high speed, safety, convenienceand environmental protection.
  3. All the conveying pipes are connected by quick coupling, which is convenient for disassembly and cleaning.
  4. All the equipment is made of stainless steel, which fully meets the requirements of the new version of GMP.

Why does it require capsule loading machine ?

Efficiency: A high-quality Capsule Loading Machine can load thousands of capsules per minute, significantly update the production capacity than manually feeding capsules. Its ability to accommodate a wide range of capsule sizes adds to its versatility and applicability across diverse production requirements.

Reliability: With strong construction and minimal moving parts, these machines can use for long time. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and lubrication,it is very useful for their longevity.

Smart Features: In line with Industry 4.0 trends, modern Capsule Loading Machines are incorporating real-time monitoring systems, user-friendly interfaces, and data analytics capabilities. These features provide operators with greater control, facilitate early problem detection, reduce downtime, and optimize machine performance.

Considerations When Choosing a Capsule Loading Machine

It is a small machine compared to a capsule filling machine for production, so consider the capacity to meet requirements and the material is SS 304 is ok, so the cost is important when you choose the supplier. Fillitech can provide landing costs for your reference.

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