What is vacuum loading machine for capsule filling machine.

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The vacuum loading machine is an very important machine of the capsule filling process in the pharmaceutical industry, it can use to ensure the quality and safety of pharmaceutical products.

1. What is the vacuum loading machine?

Vacuum loader is a very important machine which normally used in Pharmaceutcial production to transfer power or pellet to capsule filling machine or tablet press machine.

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2. What is the main parts and how does the vacuum loading machine work

Material Chamber: The material chamber use to fill the material into the hopper of capsule filling machine

Vacuum pump: The vacuum pump creates a vacuum to transfer the material from power or pellet bin into the material chamber

Pipe: it use to connect the powder bin to the vacuum loading machine

Control Panel: The control panel is use to set and adjust the parameters, such as the vacuum pressure, filling speed, and filling volume.

Cleaning System: The cleaning system is used to clean the machine between batches to ensure that there is no cross-contamination between different materials.

3. What is the advantage of vacuum loading machine.

Accurate and Consistent Filling: it is more fast and accuracy filling than manual feeding

Reduced Contamination: as the material is closed transmission,it can avoid the powder contaminationi.

Increased Efficiency: It can connect with high speed capsule filling machine, save labor cost at the same time

Easy to operation: simple control panel,it is easy to understand

Multiformity:it is suitable to transfer different material such as powder and pellet.

4. The application

It can connect with many different pharmaceutical machineries such as table press machine, capsule filling machine,guranlation line, sachet packing machine,bottle counting machine.

5. Maintenance and troubleshooting

Blockages: it often occur in the material chamber, which can cause the machine can not work properly.

Vacuum Leaks: it normall happened when the seals or pipe is damaged it will cause a decrease in the vacuum pressure and affecting the accuracy of the filling process.

Electrical Problems: when there is something wrong with control panel, wiring, or pump, it causing the malfunction.

Wear and Tear: when some spare parts are broken, it can cause problems

In order to avoid the about issues, we need to conside the followed regular maintenance:

Cleaning: Regular cleaning of the material chamber, pipe, and other components prevent blockages and contamination.

Lubrication: Lubrication of the machine’s moving parts in regualr time

Inspection: Regular inspection of the machine’s components, including the seals, hoses, and wiring.

Calibration: machine’s vacuum pressure, filling speed, and filling volume

4 tips to choose a vacuum loading machine

speed: the vacuum loader capacity needs to be suitable for the capsule filling machine

height: as the vacuum loader will install on the top of the capsule filler, so need to consider the height of the room.

installation: If the size of the material chamber of the vacuum loader same as the hopper size of the capsule filler, then it can use a flange to connect, if the size is not the same, you need to use the conversion connector.

installation vacuum loader

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