jk ڪيپسول ڀرڻ واري مشين CFM3500

FilliTechs is a famous brand in China.

The benefits of Fillitechs

  • More than 10years experience in manufacturing and exporting
  • 7*24hours online service to support customer
  • 5 times quality inspection before delivery to ensure the quality
ڪيپسول ڀرڻ واري مشين سروس انجنيئر

Hi, my name is Jerry. I work as the Sales Director for fillitechs.com.

FilliTechs: Where filling meets technology

اي ميل: jerry@fillitechs.com

WhatsApp: +8613897947208

Logistics Manager

Technical Manager


Process Manager

Production Manager.

Our Licenses

CE, Quality Management System9001, Occupation Health Safety, Environment Management System,

Our Exhibition

capsule filling machine exhibition2
capsule filling machine exhibition CIPM1
capsule filling machine exhibition CIPM

Work Shop

jk ڪيپسول ڀرڻ واري مشين CFM3500

Visit our factory in China

تڪڙو اقتباس لاءِ پڇو

اسان جو ايڪسپورٽ مئنيجر 1 ڪم ڪندڙ ڏينهن اندر توهان سان رابطو ڪندو، مهرباني ڪري اي ميل ڏانهن ڌيان ڏيو: jerry@fillitechs.com